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 Mill Neck International Grant Program is closed for 2021. 

We hope our Resource Center will be helpful to your organizations.


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About MNI

Mill Neck International envisions a world where Deaf people are included, empowered, celebrated and embraced as equals.

What We do:
MNI partners with Deaf Communities internationally to mobilize their capabilities, skills and resources to achieve their human rights through accessible communication and education.

What We Offer:
Through MNIDC, Deaf leaders, Deaf members, educators, parents, professionals, missionaries, volunteers and more can find the tools, resources and inspiration they need to support the deaf community. We will share what we have learned from other organizations, research and Deaf people living in countries throughout the world.

  • Experience and learn by taking our online classes, workshops and tutorials as well as onsite training
  • Read and watch our stories, which are signed and/or written by MNI staff and guest authors sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Explore our resources that offer practical ideas to use in the classroom or home
  • Gain a wealth of knowledge that provides a wide range of useful information in topics of Deaf Community, Deaf Education and Deaf and Development
  • Get funding for projects by utilizing MNI's skills to train Deaf organizations how to plan, manage and evaluate a project from beginning to end, from the initial request for funding until the final evaluation of their programming

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