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Mill Neck Services is temporarily closing operation of all day programs (day habilitation, SEMP, respite and community habilitation) effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020 for a time period to be determined. For employment services, Mill Neck will be providing services remotely as approved by the state.  The agency will continue to carefully monitor and evaluate the current status of the COVID-19 crisis and review guidance issued by local, state and federal health authorities. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, we believe that vulnerable populations will be best protected from infection and further transmission of the virus through immediate temporary closure of all day programs.

For any individuals living at home, we urge those individuals to remain at home and refrain from activities outside the home and always engage in social distancing.  Mill Neck Services will maintain monitoring of individuals residing at home via phone and video communications to ensure ongoing health and safety.  Arrangements will be made for delivery of medication to all family homes.

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Mill Neck Services was created with a simple premise in mind: to allow Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals the same access to employment and community services as their non-disabled peers. As a community-based, non-profit agency, Mill Neck Services provides custom designed services tailored to meet an individual’s needs. Long recognized by New York State as a pioneer in service design and delivery, Mill Neck Services' programs serve as the models for others to follow.

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