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Envisioning a world where deaf people are included, empowered, celebrated and embraced as equals.

Mill Neck International wants to be the organization that people will turn to for information and assistance to Deaf people in developing countries. We will be paving the way for others through our experience and knowledge in working with partners overseas. As there are approximately 500,000,000 people in the world who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, it is imperative to team with other non-governmental organizations and churches to reach those who need assistance. Mill Neck International’s mission is to collaborate with partners to mobilize the capabilities, skills and resources of and for Deaf Communities worldwide to achieve their human rights to access effective communication and education for living and sustaining independent, productive and meaningful lives.

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MNI Supports Projects Around the World

Is your organization striving to improve the lives of Deaf people in your community? MNI trains organizations how to plan, manage and evaluate a project from beginning to end, from the initial request for funding until the final evaluation of their programming. MNI manuals and trainers will take you through the process. The goal is for MNI to train partners to become independent, self-sufficient and models of good development practice for other organizations in their region. To help Deaf organizations and Deaf people become stronger, MNI will support the following project areas:

  • Child development
  • College/university training
  • Data collection within the Deaf Community
  • Deaf awareness
  • Deaf Education training
  • Employment
  • Health education
  • Hearing health/testing/training
  • Interpreter training
  • Parent education
  • Research
  • Sign language education
  • Social enterprise
  • Technology training
  • Transition skills & daily living skills
  • Vocational training
  • Youth development

Our Beliefs

Human Rights: Deaf people, as created by God, deserve total access to information and services guaranteeing their full and effective participation and inclusion in society.

Cultural competence: Appropriate behaviors, attitudes, policies, and structures support effective and appropriate interaction with diverse Deaf cultures and the majority cultures in which they live.

​Partnership: Mutual respect, openness, and trust are necessary for effective collaboration.

Transparency and accountability: Following good governance using ethical best practices, publishing data about the organization and its programs, and sharing lessons learned demonstrates integrity and builds trust.

Sustainability: Using and strengthening the existing systems of partners to build effective projects and programs transforms individuals and communities.

Purposeful: Full participation of stakeholders ensures program goals and actions are focused and intentional to create development that is effective and impactful.

Deaf can!

Our Practices

Participatory Approach: We involve all stakeholders and Deaf representatives from the community in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of our programs.

Inspiring Ideas: We embrace diversity and strive to ignite personal inspiration to inspire innovation and creativity.

Acknowledgement of Deaf Needs: We respect the needs and desires of the Deaf community and will not support projects which marginalizes or oppresses its members.

Asset-based community development: We identify the gifts, resources and solutions within a community to build our partner’s capacity and empower individuals, the community and institutions.

Value Local Sign Languages: We conduct our work in our partner’s native sign language as we understand that it is part of their country’s cultural, social, historical and religious heritage.

Training of Trainers: We build upon the talent and capacities of professionals who become the experts in their institutions and local regions where they share knowledge and skills they learned.

Interdependency: We design time-limited projects with our partners, building their capacity to work independently and learning from their partners.


Over the next several years, the Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf will work with MNI on designing and piloting a “training the trainer” model in order to create a healthy interdependent relationship between Mill Neck Manor School and professionals educating Deaf children. Experienced professionals will share their knowledge and skills with foreign partners who will be trained in their area of interest and will then return to their home institutions to share what they've learned. Mill Neck foresees learning new knowledge and skills from their partners and the widening network of partners that will follow.

MNI is creating a Global Resource Center which will offer online courses to train professionals on how to teach deaf children, self-paced courses on various topics related to deaf advocacy and empowerment, webinars and webcasts for professionals working with Deaf people, and videos about best practices for collaborating with Deaf in building strong communities. People visiting the Center will be able to ask questions on a live blog and through social media.

Have you been looking for the most appropriate means to bring development assistance to deaf people and their allies in economically poor countries with an empowering and culturally competent approach? MNI has been, too. We will share what we have learned from other organizations, academics and Deaf people living in countries throughout the world in our Global Deaf Resource Center, but we will be sharing our failures and success with you at conferences, in papers and on our website. We will open a blog that will allow you to share what you know, what you want to know and discuss strategies and ideas for a more just world for Deaf people.

Who We Are

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Director of Mill Neck International

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Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Lisa Fisher

Global Resource Center Manager

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