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Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center

was established in 1991 to provide early and intensive assistance to hearing children, ages three and four, with a range of special communication needs including speech and language delays and disorders, cognitive and motor deficits, and autism-related disorders. After completing the program, most preschoolers will attend kindergarten in their home school districts.


Self-Contained Classes

The Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center offers full-day classes, five days a week, for pre-schoolers with deficits in language, cognition, social interaction and/or motor skills. Specially-trained staff members target each individual child to maximize potential. The program includes music, computer skills, and art. Individualized speech, physical and occupational therapies, as well as family support, are also integral parts of the program.

Class size ranges from eight to 15 children with three staff members per class. All teachers are New York State certified in special education and regular education. All Teacher Assistants are certified as such.


Integrated Classes

The Early Childhood Center offers integrated pre-school classes which include communication and language delayed three and four year-olds with their typically developing peers.

The integrated classes are offered to parents of typically developing children in the local community and to parents of  children with special needs who qualify through their school districts. The classes allow the special needs students to learn, play and socialize with typically developing children their age. All of the children benefit from the lessons, activities, friendships and small class size that the program provides.


Evaluation Center

The Early Childhood Center offers full evaluations for pre-school children suspected of having communication needs. This includes:

  • Speech/language evaluation
  • Educational and Psychological evaluations
  • Audiological evaluation
  • Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy evaluations

If you would like more information about Mill Neck’s Early Childhood Center, please fill our our Contact Us form or call 516-922-4100.

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Established in 1947 by 
Lutheran Friends of the Deaf



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