Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf Wellness Policy

Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects its student’s health and well-being, and instructs them regarding healthful eating and physical activity. 


Nutrition Education:

Mill Neck Manor will provide nutrition education and facilitate the voluntary adoption of healthy eating habits and nutrition-related behaviors.

  • Students shall have nutritional education classes offered in the school classroom and Physical Education classes. These classes will be given by certified educational staff.
  • Information will be given to families to teach good nutrition.
  • Nutrition education activities shall be integrated into Health, Home & Careers and other disciplines.
  • The Staff Wellness Committee has been established to review all health and safety issues – including food and food choices.  Meetings with students and staff are held to discuss concerns students may have about school nutrition etc.
  • Students will have access to affordable, nutritious food choices in the appropriate proportions which accommodate any religious or medical concerns (i.e., allergies) The ethnic and cultural diversity of the student body is taken into consideration when determining the monthly menus.
  • Breakfast is offered to all students
  • Food is prepared in a healthy and nutritional way.
  • Caloric balance between food intake and energy expenditure is emphasized.
  • Posters and menu messages offer nutritional advice.

Physical Activity Goals

  • Mill Neck Manor provides every student the knowledge and chance to develop and maintain physical fitness.
  • Students are scheduled physical education classes consistent with NYS mandates 

of 120 min. per week at the elementary level and three classes one week/two classes the next for the secondary level.

  • After school activities are offered to all students, students also have recess and interscholastic activities.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend sports team events.
  • Staff is educated in these fields.

Other School Based Activities

Mill Neck Manor wishes to establish a school environment that presents consistent wellness messages and is conducive to healthful eating and physical activity for all.  The following are guidelines to help us reach these goals.

  • Provide clean, safe, enjoyable meal environment
  • Maintain minimum wait time to receive lunches
  • Provide drinking fountains within all buildings
  • Encourage all students to participate in the lunch program and the identity of students who receive free and reduced priced meals will be protected.
  • Maintain clean and healthy classrooms.

Establishing Nutrition Standards

Mill Neck Manor’s goal is to encourage healthful lifelong eating habits by providing food that is high in nutrients, low in fat and added sugars and of moderate portion size.

  • All beverages that are made available to students (including vending machines) are consistent with the USDA Dietary guidelines for Americans.
  • Food providers shall offer a variety of healthful food and beverage selections to all students.
  • Nutritional information with be available near or at at the point of purchase.
  • Staff will seek alternative means of rewarding academic performance or good behavior and not necessarily rely on food and or beverages.
  • Students shall be discouraged from sharing their food or beverages with one another given concerns about allergies and other restriction on children’s diets.
  • Food service providers should be open to new and appealing food choices

Goals for Measurement & Evaluation

Mill Neck Manor shall designate the Superintendent, along with the Food Service Provider, who shall be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that Mill Neck Manor meets the goals of this policy and that report to the Superintendent on the compliance of said policy.   A summary report every three years should be done on the school’s compliance to the Wellness Policy.








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