Mill Neck International Prepares for Conference in Hungary

Mill Neck International (MNI) is preparing for the upcoming third annual International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf in Budapest, Hungary. Sarah Houge, MNI’s Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, and Lisa Fisher, MNI’s International Deaf Center Manager, will be attending the conference.

The conference will focus on Full Inclusion with Sign Language, emphasizing the idea that full social inclusion of Deaf people is possible if sign language is recognized and used widely within society. Workshops and keynote presentations focus on the areas of bilingual education, sign language in the family, employment and accessibility.

During the conference, Houge will present her poster session called “Communication and Information Access for Deaf People in the Field of Development.” MNI feels strongly that Deaf people should lead the development in their communities through advocacy, projects and training. Unfortunately, many barriers with communication and information makes this difficult. MNI strives to improve that by providing accessible materials relating to participatory project planning, proposal writing and the funding application process. The materials are designed with the Deaf learner in mind using appropriate visual aids, illustrations and videos in International Sign.

Also during the conference, Fisher will focus on collecting information for the International Deaf Center, a new online resource center that will go live this November. Using the wealth of information and resources that relate to Deaf people worldwide regarding education, employment, projects and development, MNI can find out what is needed and how the information can be accessible for anyone in the world.

Additionally, both Houge and Fisher will be interviewing conference participants to gather information about what is happening in Deaf Communities around the world. They are particularly interested in learning about the challenges Deaf people face and their creative solutions. The interviews will be conducted through sign language and filmed on video with the goal of sharing the information in the Deaf Center.     

For more information on the International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf, visit

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