Lutheran Friends of the Deaf Welcomes Deaconess Heidi Sias

The Commissioning and Installation of Deaconess Heidi D. Sias to Lutheran Friends of the Deaf was held on Oct. 10, 2017, at the John of Beverly Chapel in the Mill Neck Manor. The installation included a worship service preached by LCMS Secretary of Synod Rev. Dr. John W. Sias and officiated by District President of the LCMS Atlantic District Rev. Derek G. Leacakes.

“I am honored to become a part of the Mill Neck family as a deaconess for Lutheran Friends of the Deaf. It was such a blessing to have my deaconess commissioning and installation right here at Mill Neck Manor in the John of Beverley Chapel, alongside the very staff of Mill Neck and LFD that I will work with in striving to achieve our mission of service to those in the Deaf Community,” said Deaconess Sias.

“I will especially enjoy focusing on providing spiritual support for Deaf people so that they may know the Gospel of Christ and His gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation. May this wonderful organization continue to serve Deaf people for years to come, not only in providing for their needs, but more importantly in including and empowering them for the future.”

The Diploma of Vocation calls Deaconess Sias to officially serve as a commissioned deaconess for Lutheran Friends of the Deaf of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations in Mill Neck, N.Y., where she will continue to work on the liturgy translation, in teaching church interpreting, as a representative for the organization, and in other ways as needed.

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