GoFundMe Campaign for Hearing Aids and Batteries

Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf has launched a GoFundMe Campaign to help their Deaf and Hard of Hearing students raise funds for hearing aids, batteries and a new FM system.

Imagine a life where your ability to hear was based on how much money you had. This is an unforgiving reality that many Deaf and Hard of Hearing children at Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf face every single day.

A typical Deaf or Hard of Hearing child who is
fortunate enough to afford hearing aids, which can run about $5,000 a
pair, goes through an average of two batteries per week just to keep it

“There are many instances where a child will go
home for the weekend or a long holiday break and not be able to hear
simply because they don’t have the money for batteries,” said Mill Neck
Manor School for the Deaf Superintendent Fran Bogdanoff.

Help our Deaf children to hear … all of the time.

currently teach more than 100 Deaf and Hard of Hearing children at any
given time from 39 school districts across Long Island and the NY
metropolitan area. Coming from all social and economic backgrounds, some
of our students travel over two hours each way by bus to Mill Neck
because they want to learn.

Our students
possess an unequivocal passion for knowledge and unwavering
determination for success. Graduates of Mill Neck have gone on to become
successful lawyers, Broadway musical stars and more. Our main goal is
to provide them with the programs and resources that meet their
exceptional ability to learn.

We need your help to make this happen. Visit our GoFundMe Campaign to donate today! Or donate through our website and choose the “Deaf Education Center.”

Your generous donation can directly help our students by allowing us to:

*Purchase hearing aid devices and batteries for children who can’t afford them
our current FM System—an Assistive Listening Device that is used to
teach our students. The system connects a sound source with a hearing
aid or cochlear implant audio processor, greatly reducing background
noise so the student can better focus on the teacher. This essential
classroom equipment has been discontinued by the manufacturer, leaving
us without any viable replacement parts

We thank you for your
dedicated support of our students. It’s because of loyal supporters like
yourself that we are able to continue to create a world in which Deaf
and Hard of Hearing individuals are included, empowered, celebrated and
embraced as equals.

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