Mill Neck Law Suit Against NY State Gains Support

New York School for the Deaf, founded in 1817, has agreed in their filing with the claims made by the Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf in their law suit that NY State Education Department errored in allowing the 4201 Association, a nongovernmental agency, to determine how funding was split; failed to use the three year enrollment average; and employed a methodology that is inconsistent with the Legislature’s directive.

Both schools are seeking the current allocation be annulled and have it replaced with a formula that is consistent with the Legislative mandates, which includes up-to-date enrollment data.

“This is a classic case of the state not following their own laws,”said Michael F. Killian, President & CEO of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations, which includes the Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf. “It’s good not to be the only David fighting Goliath.”

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Stand up alongside us this Giving Tuesday


Mill Neck Family of Organizations asks you to stand up alongside us as we partner with
#GivingTuesday on November 28, 2017.

Choose to support Mill Neck’s mission to give
children and adults who are Deaf and have other
disabilities a chance at a successful future through specially
designed educational and vocational programs.


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LFD Launches Brand New Website

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf—the founding organization of Mill Neck Family of Organizations, which brings support services to the global Deaf community for access to the Word of God—is excited to announce the launch of their latest initiative:

This new website, which boasts a new functional design and an array of unique and user-friendly features, brings a fresh, new look to the organization.

Throughout the website, users will be captivated by vibrant photos that capture the incredible work LFD carries out worldwide; resources to Deaf individuals who are seeking the word of God; churches (local, national and international) seeking to offer Deaf ministry programs; daily devotions to provide motivation; Bible Story, Hymn and Catechism videos; and more.

For more information about LFD, visit, or follow them on Facebook at

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DEC Students Perform at Apple Festival

Music Therapist Christine Finn led Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf students from Ms. Sugarman’s class in a musical performance they composed themselves on the bucket drums at the Apple Festival.

Mill Neck’s Music and Literacy Program allows students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or have other disabilities participate in music therapy to improve pre-literacy skills, auditory memory, expressive communication skills and much more.

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Mill Neck Services Helps Make Apple Festival a Success


Mill Neck Services’ Day Habilitation consumers—a program that helps adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as medical and communication issues, to reach their fullest potential—generously volunteered their time to make the Apple Festival an event to remember.

Consumers helped put together apple boxes and volunteered all weekend at the Day Habilitation booth selling homemade Christmas ornaments, beautiful artwork and promoted their services.

A huge thank you to all our friends at Day Hab; we couldn’t have done it without you!


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Mill Neck International Prepares for Conference in Hungary

Mill Neck International (MNI) is preparing for the upcoming third annual International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf in Budapest, Hungary. Sarah Houge, MNI’s Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, and Lisa Fisher, MNI’s International Deaf Center Manager, will be attending the conference.

The conference will focus on Full Inclusion with Sign Language, emphasizing the idea that full social inclusion of Deaf people is possible if sign language is recognized and used widely within society. Workshops and keynote presentations focus on the areas of bilingual education, sign language in the family, employment and accessibility.

During the conference, Houge will present her poster session called “Communication and Information Access for Deaf People in the Field of Development.” MNI feels strongly that Deaf people should lead the development in their communities through advocacy, projects and training. Unfortunately, many barriers with communication and information makes this difficult. MNI strives to improve that by providing accessible materials relating to participatory project planning, proposal writing and the funding application process. The materials are designed with the Deaf learner in mind using appropriate visual aids, illustrations and videos in International Sign.

Also during the conference, Fisher will focus on collecting information for the International Deaf Center, a new online resource center that will go live this November. Using the wealth of information and resources that relate to Deaf people worldwide regarding education, employment, projects and development, MNI can find out what is needed and how the information can be accessible for anyone in the world.

Additionally, both Houge and Fisher will be interviewing conference participants to gather information about what is happening in Deaf Communities around the world. They are particularly interested in learning about the challenges Deaf people face and their creative solutions. The interviews will be conducted through sign language and filmed on video with the goal of sharing the information in the Deaf Center.     

For more information on the International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf, visit

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Mill Neck Family’s Annual Apple Festival: A Lasting Tradition

Mill Neck friends, family, supporters and volunteers gathered together for another memorable and successful Apple Festival weekend on Oct. 7 and 8.

The Mill Neck Family’s Apple Festival has had its roots firmly planted in the Long Island community since 1957, and this year, brought back a reminiscent look and feel to its vintage beginnings. With the backdrop of the scenic 86-acre Mill Neck Manor campus, this year’s festival boasted new branding—Red headed “Apple Boy” from a beautifully crafted 1920s fruit label—and opened up the Mill Neck Manor to the public for exclusive tours—a Tudor revival style mansion where the school for the Deaf began.


The major players, of course, were the 12 varieties of delicious apples featured at the festival, which included all NY state apple favorites and the one-of-a-kind SnapDragon apple. Thanks to our longtime partnership with CrunchTime Apple Growers, the Apple Festival continues to offer the rarest and tastiest apples on Long Island.

Attendees also enjoyed free hearing testing from Center for Hearing Health’s brand new Mobile Audiology Van; food tastings from Karl Ehmer’s specialty meats; grilled and seasonal fare; scrumptious baked goods, fudge, honey and a selection of cheeses; children’s activities; handmade crafts; raffles and more.­

A huge thank you to all of our attendees, sponsors, volunteers, friends, family and staff. The festival would not be possible without all of your helping and supportive hands!

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Lutheran Friends of the Deaf Welcomes Deaconess Heidi Sias

The Commissioning and Installation of Deaconess Heidi D. Sias to Lutheran Friends of the Deaf was held on Oct. 10, 2017, at the John of Beverly Chapel in the Mill Neck Manor. The installation included a worship service preached by LCMS Secretary of Synod Rev. Dr. John W. Sias and officiated by District President of the LCMS Atlantic District Rev. Derek G. Leacakes.

“I am honored to become a part of the Mill Neck family as a deaconess for Lutheran Friends of the Deaf. It was such a blessing to have my deaconess commissioning and installation right here at Mill Neck Manor in the John of Beverley Chapel, alongside the very staff of Mill Neck and LFD that I will work with in striving to achieve our mission of service to those in the Deaf Community,” said Deaconess Sias.

“I will especially enjoy focusing on providing spiritual support for Deaf people so that they may know the Gospel of Christ and His gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation. May this wonderful organization continue to serve Deaf people for years to come, not only in providing for their needs, but more importantly in including and empowering them for the future.”

The Diploma of Vocation calls Deaconess Sias to officially serve as a commissioned deaconess for Lutheran Friends of the Deaf of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations in Mill Neck, N.Y., where she will continue to work on the liturgy translation, in teaching church interpreting, as a representative for the organization, and in other ways as needed.

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Adelphi Students Tour Center for Hearing Health

Seventeen Speech Language Pathology students from Adelphi University toured the Center for Hearing Health’s (CHH) state-of-the-art audiology facility. Director of CHH, Dr. Susan Antonellis, gave students a firsthand look at professional hearing equipment, the screening booth and a tour of the new Audiology Mobile Van.

Antonellis went into great detail about the equipment, explaining a variety of devices to test pediatric hearing; the CaptionCall, which captions telephone calls and is designed to help people with hearing loss use the phone to stay socially connected with loved ones; and the Loop System, a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. The hearing loop provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to a Telecoil setting.

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Remembering Howard Fraser Crumb

Howard Fraser Crumb, 85, of Ridgewood, N.J., passed away on Saturday September 30, 2017. He was an active parishioner of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Fair Lawn. He received a B.S. and M.S. in Economics from Cornell University, where he enrolled in Army ROTC; he was a veteran of the US Army. He retired after 34 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 

Throughout his life, he volunteered his time to many nonprofit organizations, including serving on Mill Neck’s Board since 2003, Chairman of Mill Neck Services, Chair of the Audit Committee and served on the Mill Neck Investment Committee.

“We were blessed to have Howard on our boards for so many years. He was a kind, gentle and caring man, who brought wisdom to every discussion,” said Michael F. Killian, President and CEO.

Howard is survived by his beloved wife Carolyn Snyder Crumb; children Paul Crumb, Amy Crumb, Nancy Crumb-Ricciardi and Neal Crumb; grandchildren Arlien, Nick, Dan, Ben and Patrick; and brother David Crumb.

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