ECC Toys Donated to Needy Children in Ghana

Some light has been shed on the disappointing closing of Mill Neck’s Early Childhood Center back in August. Leftover toys, educational books and games have been donated to underprivileged children in a village in Ghana.

“I am sending these toys to my home country in Ghana to a school in my village,” said Father Marcellus, a minister at St. Thomas the Apostle in West Hempstead, N.Y., who collected the toys. “There are about 1,200 children from Kindergarten to Junior High School who lack learning materials—so this is going to be a huge help.”

Although the unfortunate closing still leaves us with heavy hearts, Mill Neck was eager to help such an incredible cause.

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CHH’s Mobile Audiology Van Participates in JFK’s Health Fair

The Center for Hearing Health, a part of Mill Neck Family of Organizations, participated in JFK Airport’s Health, Wellness and Safety Fair by offering free hearing screenings in our new state-of-the-art Mobile Audiology Van.

During the event, JFK employees were also able to receive blood pressure and sugar glucose screening provided by CitiMed—Board Certified physicians and licensed medical staff that offer diagnostic and rehabilitative treatment services.

“Employees here at JFK have medical coverage but they don’t utilize it until something happens,” said Dr. Ray kayume, an owner of CitiMed. “And to me, preventative medicine is the best type of medicine, so screenings like this are so important.”

See where our van is going to next! Find us on the GoClinic app at For more information on the Center for Hearing Health’s Mobile Audiology Van, call 516-628-4300.

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LFD Holds Monthly Interpreted Chapel and Bible Services

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf—the founding member of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations, whose mission is to bring the word of God to Deaf individuals worldwide through Sign Language translation—holds monthly interpreted worship and Bible services on the Mill Neck campus. Worship services are held in the John of Beverly Chapel in the Mill Neck Manor led by special guest pastors, and Bible Study is held in the Barbara Lanman Cottage. Worship Services and Bible Studies are for Mill Neck staff, program participants and families and are also open to the community. For questions, please contact Deaconess Intern Phyllis Yee at or, to find out about future Chapel and Bible Services, visit and search the calendar.

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Mill Neck International Partners with Centum Foundation of India

Mill Neck International (MNI) has been asked to partner with Centum Foundation of New Delhi, India—the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Centum Learning, an independent, non-governmental international organization that facilitates vocational training and skilling initiatives of women, youth and children.

Centum Foundation has launched Centum-GRO to train Deaf youth in India—in collaboration with US-based Global Reach Out (GRO) a non-profit organization run by Deaf individuals, which has already imparted leadership skills and entrepreneurial training to over 1,000 deaf youth across India, Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, and Thailand.

 Sarah Houge, MNI’s Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, has been invited to lead a Centum-GRO retreat titled “Enhancing and Strengthening Interpreting Skills,” for sign language interpreters in India who have had two or more years of experience. During the retreat, participants will enjoy a variety of workshops relating to code of ethics, variation of Indian Sign Language around the country, team interpreting strategies, working with a Deaf interpreter, and more.

Centum-GRO will also assist Houge with data collection in the Delhi area about the Deaf Education system, Deaf organizations and connect her with different groups of stakeholders for future MNI collaboration.

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MNS’ Day Habilitation Program Celebrates Thanksgiving Luncheon

Mill Neck’s Day Habilitation Program-a program that helps adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as medical and communication issues, to reach their fullest potential-held their 18th annual Thanksgiving Luncheon on Nov. 8. 2017, at the Elk’s Lodge in Massapequa, N.Y. Friends and family were invited to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast fully planned and prepared by participants of the program, a performance of the song “We are Family,” raffles and handmade holiday décor for sale. 
Mill Neck Services would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this year’s Thanksgiving Luncheon! We appreciate all of your support and look forward to seeing you next year!

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Santa Claus Made an Early Stop at Mill Neck Manor

The Mill Neck Family was extremely excited to host their first-ever annual holiday spectacular: Santa’s Workshop in early December. Mr. and Mrs. Claus took over the enchanting Mill Neck Manor, which was dashing with holiday décor, in large part due to a substantial donation made by relatives of Lilian Sefton Dodge—the original owner of the Mill Neck Manor mansion. We thank you for your generosity; you helped the event come to life.

This festive, family friendly event took place inside of the historic Mill Neck Manor and featured photos with Santa, baked goods and hot cocoa from Mrs. Claus, customized holiday gift items, children’s arts and crafts, tours of the historic mansion and more!

To celebrate our local sponsors, Santa’s Workshop presented a Festival of Wreaths, where local businesses and community groups purchased and decorated a wreath that was auctioned at the event. The Mill Neck Family would like to thank: Oyster Bay Yoga, Appliance World, The Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities, Three Harbors Garden Club, Center for Hearing Health, Mill Neck Foundation, Mill Neck Services Community Habilitation and Day Habilitation Programs, Mill Neck Interpreter Service, Deaf Education Center, Oakcliff Sailing, Life Enrichment Center of Oyster Bay and Pine Hollow Country Club.

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!


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I’d Like You To Meet Christopher

Did you know that your gift to Mill Neck can change the lives of countless Deaf children?

Meet Christopher to learn how you can help Deaf children at Mill Neck.

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Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf Partners with Concordia University

Dr. Amanda Geidel and Dr. Vicki Anderson have been awarded a “High Impact” grant from Concordia University, Nebraska, in order to continue exploring partnership opportunities with Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf.

The High Impact grant funds awarded to select faculty members are for use in the development of new educational experiences for their students. These experiences help students and faculty engage in learning that goes beyond the typical classroom, and are meaningful to student growth and development within their field of study.

“The goal of the grant is to design high impact learning experiences within the curriculum, which has a lot to do with hands-on, experiential learning,” said Concordia University President and new Mill Neck trustee, Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich. “Because of the positive experience Dr. Anderson and the students had at Mill Neck last year—and also because Mill Neck is a leading organization in Deaf ministry and service—this is just the beginning of our experiential learning opportunities.”

Dr. Vicki Anderson traveled with three Concordia students to Mill Neck this past May to observe and assist in the teaching of children in the Deaf community.

“Many of the students at Mill Neck weren’t diagnosed as deaf early, so they grew up with no language in a sense,” Anderson said. “Not only are they being taught sign language, but they’re also being taught English for the first time. It’s like learning ESL while simultaneously learning your first language. It’s a challenge, but one that we are honored to have the opportunity to help with.”

In March 2018, Geidel, associate professor of education and director of special education, and Anderson, chair of international cultural studies and English as a Second Language (ESL), and program director for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), will travel to Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf to meet with administrators and teachers about future partnership opportunities.

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D’Addario Foundation Donates to Music Therapy Program

Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf would like to thank The D’Addario Foundation—a dedicated supporter of the Mill Neck Music Therapy Program—for their generous donation of snare drum heads, drum sticks and guitar strings.

When it comes to literacy, Deaf children have the odds stacked against them from the time they are born. A Deaf infant begins life in a soundless world with the unimaginable task of trying to make sense of what is happening around them. By school age, most Deaf children’s language skills are significantly behind their hearing peers and the gap tends to widen as time goes by.

With literacy acting as a distinct road block for a Deaf and Hard of Hearing child, Mill Neck was pleased to find studies that show music can act as a powerful tool to positively affect oral language development and increase other literacy skills. Historically, Deaf children do not usually have access to music, but the effects of the advanced technology such as high-impact hearing aids and cochlear implants alongside this particular therapy are visibly astounding.

In 2009, Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf launched the Music and Literacy Program, where students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or have other disabilities participate in music therapy to improve pre-literacy skills, auditory memory, expressive communication skills and much more.

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MNI: Upcoming Online Deaf Resource Center

In keeping with Mill Neck International’s mission to create a world where Deaf people are included, empowered and embraced as equals, their latest initiative brings that vision one step closer to becoming a reality.

MNI is creating an online Deaf Global Resource Center, launching on Nov. 8, which will offer online courses to train professionals on how to teach Deaf children; self-paced courses on various topics related to Deaf advocacy and empowerment; webinars and webcasts for professionals working with Deaf people; and videos about best practices for collaborating with Deaf individuals to build strong communities.
The online Resource Center will also feature blogs, forums, videos, information and resources on various topics such as MNI project work.

“The Center will be a one-stop shop with resources and information focusing on Deaf-related topics,” says Lisa Fisher, MNI’s Global Resource Center Manager. “It will be beneficial because we aim to make it accessible through sign language, reaching many Deaf people around the world.”

MNI strongly believes that by having a central place with information and interactive activities specializing in Deaf-related topics, Deaf people and those who work with the Deaf community will be able to find resources to support their work.

Visit for more information.

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