The Mill Neck Family of Organizations is dedicated to creating a world in which Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals are included, empowered, celebrated and embraced as equals through quality and accessible education, sign language, spiritual development, employment, and habilitation programs and services.

Last year, Mill Neck Manor was presented with the challenge of the imminent construction of a 125-foot cell phone tower on the school property - a project that was approved by previous leadership, in order to improve service across our campus. The contract was inherited by our team here at Mill Neck, under a false pretense that the tower would be the only solution to our issue of cell service. The tower would have surely compromised the serene aesthetics of our campus, as well as the pristine landscape of this beautiful village that we are so proud to call home.

Several community members stepped forward to express their concerns about the tower, which prompted a collaborative effort amongst neighbors to put a stop to the installation. We are so very grateful to those of you who helped bring our community together, and for the meaningful relationships that we have developed along the way. The love we share for our Mill Neck Village is apparent in the way our neighbors quickly took action to achieve a common goal for our community.

This win was met with celebration across our campus. However, we are still left with concerns about safety and communication for our students, staff, program participants, and visitors, and are determined to provide an alternate solution to this ongoing issue. Mill Neck Manor is a non-profit organization, serving and employing more than 600 individuals, and operating out of ten separate buildings across 86 acres of land, which makes this project significantly more complex than a typical network upgrade.

In the true spirit of our community please donate to this cause. You will be helping us enhance communication across our campus, and in turn, ensuring the safety of our individuals. Join us along with our neighbors in this admirable and generous endeavor.

Mill Neck Manor has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places for close to 45 years, and is also one of the few remaining landmarked properties on Long Island that spans as many as 86 acres.