Annual Check-up? Don’t Forget Your Hearing

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Eye exams are often part of an annual medical check-up, but rarely do we “hear” people mention having a hearing evaluation done. Mill Neck Services Center for Hearing Health would like to remind you of the importance of having a hearing assessment done on a yearly basis. Just as establishing baselines for other types of health screenings are beneficial for assessing your overall health at a given time, checking your ears helps in evaluating hearing changes that may occur over time. While everyone should have their hearing tested, it is especially valuable for someone with a known hearing loss, as continual monitoring helps identify whether or not the loss is progressing. Appropriate treatment can then be implemented sooner, rather than later. Children with a history of middle ear pathology (i.e., frequent ear infections) should have their hearing checked on a regular basis. Ideally, every child should have a baseline audiogram.

Aud_Susan testing

Dr. Susan Antonellis, ASHA/AAA-certified Audiologist and Operations Manager at the Mill Neck Services Center for Hearing Health, confers with a patient during an audiological screening.

For those who use amplification, the end of summer is a good time to have hearing aids cleaned of any debris or moisture that may have accumulated over the warmer weather months. In addition, tubes may be dry and susceptible to cracks and may need replacing.

Bottom line? Having your hearing tested makes for good aural hygiene and optimum hearing health. Remember, your ears are important contributors to your overall well-being. For more information and to schedule a free hearing screening, please call Mill Neck Services Center for Hearing Health at 516-628-4258.

Part of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations, founded in 1947 by Lutheran Friends of the Deaf, Mill Neck Services Center for Hearing Health at the Mildred and Frank Feinberg Community Center for Hearing Health is located on Mill Neck Manor’s campus. The Center features separate, state-of-the-art adult and pediatric testing areas, an assistive listening display, and an observation room with a parent viewing area. Services also include dispensing hearing aids, distributing assistive listening devices and providing amplification adjustments.

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