Administrative Staff

To reach the following personnel, call

(516) 922-4100, plus
extension, or email the
addresses provided:

William Charon
Financial Director and Interim CEO
Ext. 212

Kathleen Lagalante
Director of Human Resources
Ext. 224

Nancy Leghart
Director of Advancement
Ext. 243

Francine Atlas Bogdanoff
Interim Superintendent
Ext. 214

Kathleen Kerzner
Principal, DEC
Ext. 232

Suellyn Giserman
Principal, ECC
Ext. 237

Loretta Murray
Executive Director, Mill Neck Services

Christine Oddo
Associate Director,
Mill Neck Services

Ext. 250

Tanya Linzalone
Director, Mill Neck Audiology
Ext. 227


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