Sign Language Camp for Hearing Kids

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2016 Registration is Closed

Mill Neck Foundation’s Sign Language Camp for Hearing Kids holds two week-long sessions (Session I from July 25-29 and Session II from August 1-5) for children ages 8 to 16 who want to learn American Sign Language.

Located on the campus of Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf on Long Island’s North Shore, campers learn sign language while participating in typical camp activities like water games and theme dress-up days. The program is open to children with or without previous sign language knowledge. To ensure an optimal learning experience for each child, placements for campers will be determined by teachers on the first day of camp.

Through a number of activities, games, and arts & crafts, campers will learn:


  • Alphabet/Numbers
  • Animal Signs
  • Family Signs
  • Color Signs
  • Food Signs
  • Songs in Sign
  • Games Played in Sign Only (No Voice)

…and much more!

Classes are led by Deaf instructors with hearing teacher assistants. At the end of each week, parents, school staff and Mill Neck students are treated to a special performance where the campers get to show off their new language skills through songs and skits.

Campers will get plenty of practice using their newly-acquired language from their daily interaction with Mill Neck’s Deaf students during games, storytelling and lunch breaks. This interaction with Deaf children, as well as with Deaf adults, is an important part of the Sign Camp experience, and often, many campers and Mill Neck students form friendships that extend beyond the summer.

The two week-long camp sessions are held daily from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and costs $350 per week for each child. The camp fee includes lunch, tee shirt, arts and crafts and more. Enrollment for this unique, fun, enriching learning experience is limited, so reserve a spot today!

The deadline for enrollment is Friday, July 8.

2016 Registration is Closed

For questions and information, Tiffany Manor at tmanor@millneck.org or call (516) 628-4204.

Download the 2016 Sign Camp Brochure.



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